Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Animation skillz

These animations were exercises I completed in an animation enrichment course at uni.
The rocket exercise was to capture a realistic movement by exaggerating the recoil moment when the rocket was taking off.

leggy leggy


1920's meets 1980's

Dry point print I made of a picture bringing two decades together.

Vauxhall Farm

I saw a man feeding a horse a packet of Doritos on Vauxhall Farm so I went and got all screen printy about it.


Dot Cotton was my symbol of melancholy for a project about personality types.

Haircut Animation

This was my first attempt at animation using paper cut-outs.
It was inspired by a 7 hour hair cut I had received by a Vidal Sassoon student.
The animation took roughly the same time to make.
The lack of continuity in light are due to my, then, inexperience in animation making. This was made in my bedroom in imovie in April 2008.

Homemade 2008

In the summer of 2008 I set up a little stall in Greenwich Market called Homemade. I was selling mostly things which I had made such as Bunting, Badges, Hair clips and decorations. It didn't really make me any money and in the end I was working for way, way below minimum wage. It was a real learning curve for me about self promotion and a lot of fun too, so I'm going to do it again this summer.
Every week I added more and more products. By the end of my six week stint the stall looked completely different from my very first week on the market.

Look at me go

This is the first ever entry into my first ever Blog.

This is a test, I'm testing my blog skills.